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Ceramic braces are a common alternative to metal braces, although they aren’t recommended for every case. Ceramic braces can be a beautiful alternative to metal braces .Ceramic braces were introduced back in the 1980s with the idea of making less visible braces came about. Back in the day, plastic brackets were used for invisible braces, but plastic is porous so it tends to stain more easily. The ceramic composite with standard brands now solves that problem, making ceramic braces a great option. The braces blend in and basically disappear on the teeth. They generally don’t stain, although the ligatures are slightly prone to stains especially if you drink coffee, smoke, or take coloured food regularly.


Advantages of Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic braces either have semi-translucent ceramic brackets, which are better for very white teeth, or tooth-colored ceramic, which is better for slightly darker teeth. Either way, they blend in well.
  • Ceramic braces are strong, especially if they are high-quality. They usually don’t chip or break unless they are badly abused.

Drawbacks of Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic brackets are more expensive than metal brackets. They are also bigger, but they blend in with teeth so this isn’t an issue for most patients.
  • Like traditional metal braces, ceramic braces use clear or white ligatures to hold the archwire in place. The ligatures are little rubber bands, so they can stain because they’re porous. They’re changed at every adjustment.
  • Because ceramic brackets can’t withstand as much pressure as metal brackets can, ceramic braces are not recommended for people who need extensive treatment.

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Metal Braces Ceramic Braces Clear Plastic Aligners Lingual Braces
Fees 20000 – 450000 35000 – 70000 80000 – 120000 70000 – 100000
  • Least Cost
  • Colours Available
  • Low Cost
  • Less Visible
  • Moderate Cost
  • Removable
  • Affordable
  • Not Visible
  • Visible
  • Lip Distortion
  • Somewhat Visible
  • Lip Distortion
  • Somewhat Visible
  • High Maintenance
  • Minor Tooth Movement
  • No Bite Correction
About the appliance Traditional Braces are silver and are attached to the outside of the teeth. Traditional Ceramic Braces are clear and are attached to the outside of the teeth. Clear Plastic Aligners are less visible than metal, but more than lingual. The patient must remove the appliance and clean whenever eating and drinking. This type appliance does have limitations. Lingual Braces are silver and attached behind the teeth and not visible at all to anyone except the patient and orthodontist!

Correct your protruding jaws with the best teeth braces clinic in Delhi……

Protruding jaws is indeed one of the most common dental issues faced by a majority of people all over India. If you’re residing in Delhi, then finding the perfect teeth braces clinic in Delhi is perhaps the foremost thing that you’d want to do without any kind of delay. You can either go for the traditional braces that work as a brilliant alternative for treating the crooked teeth or an abnormal bite. These braces are primarily used for correcting the placement of teeth. You can either opt for the teeth braces made up of ceramic or metal. The term used for referring to such teeth braces is self-ligating braces. Next are the lingual braces which have proved to be tremendously helpful for treating the crooked teeth. These braces are placed behind the teeth and can be found in ceramic and metal materials. Finally, you may choose the aligners which are transparent plastic sheath that can easily fit over the misaligned teeth for correcting its position.

Switch to teeth braces in Delhi for maintaining that perfect smile……

Who doesn’t want to carry a perfect smile on his/her face? With Dr. Chopra Dental Clinic, you can get on with receiving the best teeth braces in Delhi for retaining that killer smile. With the Invisalign technique, you can easily get rid of protruding teeth/crooked teeth in a pain-free way. The use of clear aligners has emerged as an excellent way to deal with protruding teeth problems that are quite common among individuals belonging to different age groups. Some of the most common dental problems that can be treated using the Invisalign technique include crooked teeth, teeth with gaps etc. The transparent braces make it quite convenient for the patient to lead a confident life. With an attractive smile, you can easily feel a lot more confident and attain success in everything that you do. Transparent aligners are comfortable to wear and don’t interfere with a person’s daily routine.

Invisible braces to get back that brilliant smile……

The Invisalign technique acts as a commendable method of correcting the positioning of teeth. With invisible braces, you can actually revolutionize your smile in an effortless way. Dr. Chopra Dental Clinic has a team of professionally qualified and experienced dentists on-board, catering to patients with crooked teeth. With perfectly aligned teeth, you can get on with carrying a brilliant smile on your face.