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Overseas Patients


Step by step guide for Overseas patients

1. Write to us about your dental treatment requirements or fill out contact us form ,in case you provide us with your x rays and teeth pictures we will be able to give you treatment plan and its estimated cost.

2. Once you are satistified with treatment quote , you can discuss with us your travel dates. our staff will help you to guide your travel plan as per your treatment.

3. Our staff can help you to connect with our trusted travel agents for best prices and offers for hotel accommodation, local sight seeing and travel within india or abroad in between your treatment appointments.

4. We can help you to arrange from airport and also for your pick and drop to your hotel location to dental clinic.

5. Once you arrive in delhi at our clinic, we will do a comprehensive clinical examination and discuss with you the various available options and there prices. once you finalize your choices about treatment we provide you a treatment chart and schedule of your visits. Everything is explained and there will be no hidden cost.

6. We offer variety of offers and services to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Testimonials and get a quote

Why choose india

The clinical outcomes in India are at par with the world’s best dental centers having internationally experienced & qualified doctors. Costs of the medical procedures in India are approximately 1/5th to 1/10th of costs in the west. The cost differences bring you to this exotic destination and get treated among the most efficient doctors with the cutting-edge technology that ensures top-notch quality treatments. You don’t have to even wait in queues for any kind of dental surgical procedures.

Since many years, Europeans & Canadians have been seeking medical help from the other countries due to long waiting queues in their region. Now, they have an opportunity to experience optimum dental procedures in the capital city of India. The dental clinics in Delhi are equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and hospitality to get treated in a luxurious, safe and relaxing environment.

Why choose us

We at Dr. Chopra Dental Clinic take pride in delivering quality dental procedures to all the patients from India and Abroad. Our state-of-the-art dental centre is equipped with the modern technology and painless techniques to serve the patient with perfection under one roof.

The Dental Tourism packages at Dr. Chopra Clinic will ensure that all the treatment procedures are executed well and our patients leave the clinic with sparkling white teeth and a beautiful smile. Your package will include pick up from the airport, accommodation at a 4 or 5 star hotels, ground transportation to and from doctor’s appointment and hospital, dental procedure, travel reservations, trip itinerary and much more.

It’s time to transform your smile into a healthy sparkling smile with an affordable dental treatment and explore the travel destination during post-treatment.