Dr Shivani(New Delhi, India )– October 2012

Treatment done :Lingual Braces (Inside Braces) and Fillings in front teeth

Since I was young I was always concerned for my smile. As my front teeth were little tilted , something which always bothered me. I thought of getting braces for my teeth but since I am 25 year old now so the appliance which was visible was not a feasible option for me. I had heard about lingual braces but there were 3 issues I was apprehensive for first pain, second speech and third will it correct my problem? I didn’t feel any pain during the treatment after the treatment, so issue of pain was a complete myth , initially when the tooth moves there is little discomfort but it gets fine in 2-3 days. Secondly speech definitely it takes few weeks to get use to it as your tongue might touch it and it gives little discomfort but this gets fine in some time. Thirdly the results I was expecting, it happened, my smile is now a lot better the teeth which I was concerned for are no more tilted. In fact I had few cavities because of tilted tooth , which I got them filled now. Braces treatment took about 10 months well before I was expecting. I recommend everyone for lingual braces by Dr Chopra who wants there smile correction but are afraid of wearing something which is visible.

Thank you