Sune Petersen, Denmark – February , 2013

Treatment Done – Metal Free Porcelain Caps for Front Teeth

It is my pleasure to fully recommend the work of Dr. Ashish Chopra and Dr. NainaTalwar Chopra, working of Chopra Dental Clinic, based in Ramesh Nagar, Delhi. From the initial mail correspondence in Denmark between me and Dr. Naina to the final sitting in Delhi, both of the dentists have been very professional, helpful and furthermore, a social delight. My dental work, done at the Chopra Dental Clinic took place from 18 January 2013 – 2 February 2013. It included cleaning, four root canals, crowns for four front teeth as well as five fillings. Suffice to say, I am overtly happy with the final result.

Dr. Naina and Dr. Ashish were very easy to communicate with when I first wrote them pr. Email back in October 2012. They evaluated my situation, and gave me a very precise estimate of the price and time I needed to spend in Delhi for my procedure. When I arrived in Delhi, Dr. Ashish was very keen to help me get my bearings. Luckily, I had previous experience with Delhi, so I did not require much help getting settled, but if you are new to Delhi, which can be quite stressful and confusing, know that Dr. Ashish is never more than a phone call away, helping you arrange anything from accommodation, transportation and dining options.

At my first sitting at the clinic I got the enjoy the company of both dentists, suffice to say, they are a delightful couple. In between the work, they invited me to their home (which is a two minute walk from the clinic), where I would meet the whole family and together we would have snacks or lunch combined with easy going conversation. This was a most welcoming break from the dental procedure.

The actual dental procedure took place in a professional and clean clinic, easy to find, close to Ramesh Nagar metro station. Both dentists were very skilled, I never experienced any unnecessary pain, and both doctors would always call me in the evening after a procedure to check if I were okay. Moreover, the time spend at the clinic was always filled with small talk and easy going behavior, a very relaxing environment, which can be important when having extensive work done in your mouth.

It is important for me to mention that when Dr. Ashish and Dr. Naina took a first look at my teeth they saw that I needed more than just the initial crown procedure. On this matter, they kept it very informative and professional, letting me know what and why extra work was needed. I chose to have some of the extra work done, such as root canal and fillings, but I did not chose to have an implant made. They did not press the matter anymore, which I found extremely professional and courteous. In a country as India, where people will try to sell you what they can, I found it very positive that the dentist respected my choice.

As a closing comment, I will again give Dr. Ashish Chopra and Dr. NainaTalwar Chopra my outmost recommendation. From the get go to the final stage, everything has been professional and pleasant, the final work looks better than I could ever expect, and the total cost amounts to no more than a third of the price back in my own country. So don’t hesitate call or write the dentist team and let them help you set up everything and enjoy India, New Delhi, and the tremendous work at Chopra Dental Clinic.