Mr. Yves ,France, November 2014

Treatment done: Root canal treatment, Onlay , 5 Zirconia crowns

I was with my friend Pascal in delhi for 8 days. During the same stay, I had 4 zirconia crowns, one onlay and one canal root treatment the result is very good, everything is perfectly adjustable and esthetically very natural. All this done in one week (impossible in France…) and Dr. Naina Chopra who did the job, very easy to communicate with and very professional. I am very satisfied with the treatment. In France its not only impossible to have this treatment in this short time but it is also unaffordable as well and more so ZIRCONIA crowns are not done everywhere so difficult to get done there.

the treatment was painless and scheduling of appointments was easy. The sterilization protocol was good and we fell very satisfied with the tratment. we would come again if any more dental treatment is needed like IMPLANTS and would recommend the doctors Naina and Ashish for all dental needs.

pour les francais, ne vous laissez pas impressionner par le bruit et le cote frenetique de delhi, cavautvraiment la peine..