Mr K.J Ommen (Maryland , U.S.A) -March ,2017

Treatment done – 2 Dental Implants, Root canal treatment

Hello my name is K J Ommen , I came to Dr Chopra’s dental clinic as I needed some root canals and I was thinking for dental implants , so they checked me ,they have a great team… Dr Chopra , Dr Naina chopra and they have several other specialist who come and do as required for the job. For my dental implant there was another specialist Dr Amit, all of them did very good job I feel very comfortable and treatment was within my budget. I am so happy that I made I right decision that I came to delhi and got it done. I got three root canal treatments and two dental implants. I did not had any pain , may be on a scale of 1 to 10 , it was just 1. I appreciate all the doctors and staff is great and there assistant madhuri is also very good at work.

Thank you