Mr Jeff Ehlers (California, U.S.A) -March ,2017

Treatment done – 7 Dental Implants, Full Mouth Rehabilitation (Full Ceramic Crowns)

Hello I am Jeff ehlers i live in California (U.S.A), orange county. If you reading this then you must have found the dental prices in united states is far more expensive and you are looking for alternative , I have done same thing same, did my homework, I checked online number of websites and came across Dr Chopra dental clinic website , i checked there crediatials, looked at the photos of their dental office it looked like modern clean dental office which I would see any where in states . I contacted them, they quickly replied that ready to help me. originally I came for some dental implants ,they did a very fine job on that, i realised that I got little more than I hoped for i had seven dental implants and was many dollars less. I also had the opportunity to rest my teeth taken care of, I had the problem of grinding my teeth at night , my teeth didn’t looked good . At this time I have implants , all new twenty four full ceramic crowns (full mouth rehabilitation), they straightened my teeth , which has been like that since I was a kid, they had got it straight in 15 days. I had got root canals done by a specialist best in their field. At finish I have excellent teeth, i am very happy i can smile now. I paid the price of roughly two dental implants in states , i got a whole new smile , nice teeth which i quite enjoy. The work here is state of the art you could’nt get anything better at home. For the worry of pain? Its frankly painless, i had no discomfort to quite surprise i had worse time at the dental office at home, these guys knows there stuff they are painless , they are professional . I can chew comfortably now .. its marvellous ! … I had lost most my molars , that was the original purpose of coming here , I have no problem in chewing , eating anything and everything , its my regular original teeth , so I am quite pleased. The quality of treatment is as good if not better that you get it at home they are experts , they are knowledgeable they are up to date, this is modern India it’s the change . I am totally happy with it ,I am not getting any deal from this dental office to speak all this. I am doing this I would like to tell other people back home that this a good clinic for getting your teeth fixed at a reasonable price and also enjoy the incredible part of the world. Thank you.