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Are you a candidate for Dental Implants?

If you have a single missing tooth

One implant with a crown can eliminate the need for tooth grinding and/or root canal of adjacent teeth. The need for more than one crown may also be eliminated.

(insert photo related to single tooth imalant and a bridge)

If you have multiple missing teeth

Implants eliminate the need for dentures which can cause ulcers on your sensitive gum tissues, cause bone loss and offer only 40%of your true chewing efficiency.

(insert photo related to removable partial denture and multiple implants)

If you have no teeth

Implants can help stabilize and anchor your dentures.

Unfortunately dentures are not the best replacement for natural teeth.dentures can cause gum ulcers, cause bone loss, decreased chewing ability and general discomfort.

2-4 implants can easily eliminate these problems and give you strong useful mastication and confidence to smile. several implants with crowns can offer you permanent teeth and give you back the sensation of having real teeth.