Ms. Ninnet (Maryland,U.S.A) – June ,2017

Treatment done-3 Dental Implants , Extraction

Hi my name is Ninnet,I am here at Dr Chopra Dental clinic , I came here to accompany my father to get dental work done. Back in states i had got some dental work still I had some decayed teeth for which I required dental implants. I got three dental implants done here, two on upper left side and one on lower right side it was done couple days ago. I also got root canals done here, the staff was amazing , they have specialist for everything. Pain was very minimal, the job they do is proficient and quick, I appreciate that the job was done swiftly. I will definitely recommend to people coming from overseas for treatment in states we get ripped off. Even if you have insurance you pay so much more there. You can come down here to India do shopping and have a vacation here. Its just different there as you have to take a day off for treatment and rushing back to work, here you are having a vacation while you are getting major things done. I would say cost wise you save so much money. The staff is good, I will even say that they are better than doctor in states as they will not over recommend you. As doctors and dentist over recommend so they make more money by that, here I did not had that problem. My payments here were so little, so I will definitely recommend to all to come to India , have a vacation while you get your dental work done here.

Thank you