Mr Sarandeep, New delhi December 2014

Treatment done : 3 OsstemDental implants with Bone reconstruction front teeth.

As a patient I hated to be at dentist as I had gone through very bad experiences because of an accident and then two years of dental treatment which I hated a lot. But things changed when I met DrNaina Chopra. Despite complications of my past dental treatment and lack of trust in dentist she was able to revive back my self confidence after 18 months of treatment. I had undergone 3 dental implants and fixed teeth over them. Both Dr. Ashish and Dr. Naina were highly professional yet so polite, they make you feel like family. I really appreciate the efforts they have put in to get my incomplete life back on track so that I can openly smile. I would like to thank the doctors for their cooperation especially for unscheduled and emergency appointments. Wish you all the best Dr. Ashish and Dr. Naina for future practices. God bless you!!!.