Shivanshi marwah (New Delhi, India)– October 2012

Treatment Done – Braces (Metal, Orthodontics)

I decided to get braces because I was diagnosed with Deep Bite and couldn’t bite with my front teeth and my lower incisors were quite worn out. I had my consultation and was advised to put on braces. I had metallic on for 9 months and when they came off I was really happy with the results not only are my teeth straight but they are guaranteed to keep them straight with retainer which is not visible so I don’t have to worry about them going back to how they were. Also I would like to mention that braces are not very inconvenient and painful as is a mindset amongst many people, its only in the initial days that one takes time to adjust, but with time you braces do not really obstruct your eating etc.I would highly recommend braces treatment from Dr. Chopra’s clinic because as it’s a really effective way of straightening teeth and you get great results. I also had an RCT done from the same clinic which is also very successful and I don’t feel pain in that teeth anymore and even the procedure wasn’t very painful