Mr Dev (New Delhi,INDIA) – June ,2017

Treatment done-Ceramic Braces (Smile Makeover)

Dr. Ashish Chopra helped me straighten my teeth. I had a lot of reservations getting it done because I thought braces weakened the tooth structure and led to gum fissures.

All my doubts were clarified at the first session before the treatment began. I was walked through the entire process by Dr. Chopra beforehand.To sum up my experience, I will recall the good, the bad and the ugly. The good part is the Chopra’s themselves. Punctual, professional and with adroitness of an elf, they worked magic on my teeth every session. I rarely had to wait more than 10 minutes and the session would run not more than three-quarters of an hour.

The bad part was the pain in the teeth. It is not the subsistent tooth pain that one associates with. Since my appointments were usually a month apart, the braces loosened as my teeth fell into place and got tightened every subsequent visit to the clinic. However, I used to completely forget about it and go on to order crunchy food that reminded me of my braces with the first bite. That pain was really a disappointment because I am a complete foodie.

The ugly has to be the mouth sores. Brace wires can rub against the mouth skin and can lead to mouth ulcers round the year. I have a particularly sensitive skin and my habit of biting and disturbing the wound made things tougher. Dr.Chopra was a saviour, he let me have these thin sheets of pink gum like substance that could mask protrusions in the braces and advised for a dash of chloro-hexidine every now and then that resists bacterial activity and fastens the healing rate of the ulcers.

In situations where things got troublesome, I brought forward my appointment and usually got one in two to three working days thanks to their equally proficient assistant, Madhuri.
to conclude, Dr.Chopra’s treatment was very skilful, economical and largely to my satisfaction.