Do you Need Dental Visit During Covid 19 Pandemic?

by Dr Ashish Chopra

Do you Need Dental Visit During Covid 19 Pandemic?

It is the time where people are suffering from the dangerous pandemic – “COVID-19”. However patients with dental pain are also worried about where to go in case of emergency. We at Dr Chopra Dental Clinic understand this hence are trying our best provide dental treatment treatment to patients under strict preventive actions.

In case you have any need for a dental visit during Covid-19 , you can start with a teleconsultation on phone followed by visit to dental clinic after our confirmation . In our set up we follow strict hygiene and sterilization protocol to prevent spread of infection.

When should you visit a dental clinic?

Please confirm that first whether the dental emergency is needs clinic visit or not. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms then you can call us to discuss:

  • Extreme pain from swelling or pus discharge from gums or cheeks.
    • Tooth pain spreading to face , ear, head, eye and neck
    • Pain on chewing or pain increasing on lying down.
  • Toothache/Tooth sensitivity with constant pain with hot/cold foods.
  • Trauma by an accident causing tooth or jaw bone fracture
  • Severe bleeding gums

Steps at our Dental Clinic for Patient treatment during Covid-19:

We take following steps and precautions to take care of the patient safety, which is very important to prevent any infection risk and its spread.

Disposable: many things like patients water glass , patient bib , suction pipe are all disposable materials which is new for every patient. Follow the process of sanitization: We follow strict sanitization process of non-disposable instruments and chairs before and after each treatment.

Sterilization: we follow strict sterilization protocol all our instruments such as through washing, cleaning and followed by autoclave.

PPE kit: our staff uses Personal Protective Equipment which includes gloves, face shields, head caps and body gowns. After each patient’s treatment, the PPE is changed. Avoid aerosols and change the procedures: A few types of equipment may deliver the aerosol. So to eliminate aerosols we utilize different tools for our procedures.

Appointments schedule: The appointments are given in different periods to different patients to maintain social distance. For this, a telephonic conversation or screening facility is given to the patient to intimate for your next visit.

You can also face other needs to visit the dental clinic such as whitening of teeth, teeth cleaning, changing a small chip in the tooth, or mild sensitivity. It can be treated at a later time. So, you can make a telephonic call to your dentist and leave them to decide to give the time for the next visit.

Is it safe to meet the dentist during covid 19?

Yes, you come at our dental practice during these days but you must follow rules to protect yourself from spread of infection.

If you take following precautions, you can of course visit the dental clinic.

    Do a telephonic consultation fist about your specific dental problem.
  • During phone call Please Inform about yours and your family members recent important medical history especially about fever or hospitalization.
  • If we confirm your appointment please follow all hygiene and sterilization instructions as requested by clinic staff.
  • Wear a mask when you are going to visit the dental clinic.
  • Avoid using the restroom
  • Avoid wearing accessories like jewelry or bags.
  • Use online transactions or QR codes and avoid cash payment.
  • Avoid getting an attendant and follow the scheduled appointment.

You can visit for the treatment and care of your oral health in this pandemic.

Conclusion: we hope the above discussion has explained what you must follow to make an appointment at our dental clinic for checkups during In Covid-19.

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