Dental Implant cost delhi India

by Dr Ashish Chopra

Dental Implant cost delhi India

congratulations!!!..if you have decided to choose upon the best treatment modality for your missing teeth. when you choose upon dental implant ,cost of dental implant is indeed a crucial factor.this blog is especially for foriegn nationals who are considering dental implant clinic in delhi india. There are a number of clinic that offer dental implant treatment in delhi. dental implant cost delhi india generally ranges between 20000 per implant to 60,000 per implant.( it is surely way less that what it is in other european and american countries but still every patient has due right to know waht is he /she paying for)

Here I list upon the various factors that determine the dental implant cost in delhi india.

1. the brand of dental implant– Dental Implant cost delhi India is dependent upon the brand of implant. certain implants like adin and alpha bio range between 20,000 to 25,000 INR. The other brands are osstem , dentsply that generally range between 30,000-40,000 inr. The nobel biocare dental implant cost in india generally ranges between 40,000 -60,000 INR. certain single piece implants for specific situations may cost around 18,000 as well.

how to decide which brand to choose. please read our blog which brand to choose
as a general rule we advice the overseas patients who visit us to choose global brands like osstem, dentsply and nobel biocare so that they have their support system available back home.
and trust your dental implant dentist in delhi india to decide what suits you the best.( and we are sure that many dentist in delhi are geniune about this)

2. the second factor is the type of ABUTMENT USED on top of implant. the Dental Implant cost delhi India is determined with the abutment type used. abutment is a small part which screwed on top of implant over which a crown is placed. A standard abutment cost is included in cost of implant. certain times the cost may be increases a little if an angulated abutment is required. these days we have highly aesthetic abutments such as zirconium abutments available in india now. the cost of these abutments can vary between 10,000- 15,000 inr.

3 the third factor that determine the dental implant cost delhi india is BONE GRAFTINGbone grafting. generally in upper jaw back teeth sinus grafting is required in many cases if the tooth has been missing there for a long time. in such cases the cost of bone grafting is added to the implant cost. in other areas where bone is deficient we may need to add artificial bone substitute . th ecost of grafting may cost between 10,000- 25000 per site.

after the impalnt has been placed the crown is put on top of it in the second stage surgery. so, we would be talking about the cost of crowns in our next blog post on DENTAL CAP CROWN COST IN DELHI INDIA.